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The Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association is proud to work on the many legislative and regulatory issues that face podiatric physicians and surgeons.

Throughout the years, OHFAMA has successfully expanded the scope of practice for Ohio podiatrists and protected podiatry against the ever-present forces challenging our profession.

All our legislative and regulatory success does not come by accident – it is powered by time, energy, and your contributions the Ohio Podiatric Political Action Committee (OPPAC).

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Why Give to OPPAC?

  • Year after year, OPPAC plays a critical role in preserving, protecting, and advancing podiatric medicine in Ohio
  • Your one-time, monthly, or quarterly contribution not only helps us champion our legislative and regulatory objectives, but also empowers us defend our profession against the ever-present forces challenging our scope of practice

Who Does OPPAC Support?

  • OPPAC supports legislators who understand and appreciate the work podiatric physicians and surgeons do to keep Ohioans moving
  • OPPAC supported a bipartisan group of 35 legislators in 2022
  • 27 of 30 (90%) of OPPAC-supported Ohio General Assembly candidates won election in 2022

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Contribute to OPPAC

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