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OHFAMA is proud of our Industry Affiliate Partnerships with:

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Group Health Coverage - OSMA Health Benefits Plan

The Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association recognizes that members need access to quality health care coverage for themselves and employees. The OHFAMA, has partnered with the Ohio State Medical Association, and now offers the Ohio State Medical Association Health Benefits Plan to OHFAMA members. Please follow this link to review plan highlights and request a quote.


Need an Attorney?

Dinsmore’s Health Care Group includes more than 45 attorneys with detailed knowledge of the health care industry.  The Health Care Group counsel and support health care providers in corporate compliance, audit and fraud investigations, licensure actions, the buying and selling of health care practices, and workforce issues.   As a whole, the firm is a national law firm, with more than 625 attorneys from coast-to-coast committed to Accomplishing more, and the proof is in the continued success of their clients.  Learn more at www.dinsmore.com

Thinking ahead towards retirement?

Introducing a new benefit for members of Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association – The OHFAMA 401(k) Exchange.  By joining the 401(k) Exchange, you will:

  • Enjoy cost savings by joining forces with your fellow members to lower your 401(k) Plan expenses
  • Significantly reduce the amount of work needed to operate a 401(k) Plan
  • Remove nearly all of the Fiduciary Liability of sponsoring a 401(k) Plan

 Please follow this link for information from Transamerica about what the plan has to offer.

For more information and questions how to get started, please contact Peggy Slaughter with Saling Simms Associates Inc at (614) 841-1881 or email Peggy.Slaughter@SalingSimms.com

Are you a participant with a BWC Group Ratings Program?

OHFAMA members are eligible to apply to be a part of our group ratings program.  In 2020-21 our members saved over $18,043.  For complete information please review our workers compensation program webpage or click here


Need a Credit Card Processing Company? OHFAMA works with a service provider:

Quantus Solutions

Quantus focuses specifically on the medical environment. Did you know that Medical offices process differently than retail businesses and are often set up incorrectly with their current Bank/Processor or credit card provider. 




  • Average Savings 38% per practice
  • Negotiated OHFAMA Group Rates for all members
  • Free EMV “smart chip” Terminal OR Virtual Terminal OR Mobile Device
  • Dedicated Medical Customer Service & Support
  • 24 hour Next Day Funding for all members
  • HIPAA, PCI, SIGIS Certified Partner

APPLY ONLINE!!  Or for more information call 877-604-6477.

America’s choice for Medical Processing!! Quantus Solutions….Click here for more information

Need a Collection Company that works for you?

OHFAMA is proud to announce that we have partnered with Recovery One to offer Accounts Receivables and collection services to our members. Recovery One will locate and contact the responsible parties to collect outstanding dollars owed to your medical practice.

To submit a request you may use this fax placement form: Recovery Request


Meaningful Use: Do you need informational brochures for your patient education?

OHFAMA has developed the following brochures for use in your practice:


OHFAMA Member Store - Custom Produced Print Materials, Embroidered Apparel and Promotional Materials for your Practice...on any budget!!

Follow this link and create custom items for your practice and patients TODAY!