Gerard V. Yu, DPM Scientific Paper Competition
and 2022 Resident Poster Competition

"Dr. Gerard Yu’s life was a living testament to embody the highest standards and principles of both professional and personal conduct, while achieving nationally the highest standards of medical and surgical proficiency with an ongoing and continual dedication to excellence.” Dr. Bruce Blank, Past President of OHFAMA and a former student of Dr. Yu.

The Gerard V. Yu, DPM Scientific Paper Competition and 2022 Resident Poster Competition will be held on Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 1:00 PM during the 106th Annual Ohio Foot and Ankle Scientific Seminar.  This is an opportunity for active resident members of the Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association to showcase their talent and hard work in the presentation of their research.  *Presentation time may be subject to change.*

All Paper and Poster Competition submissions must be received by Wednesday, February 9, 2022 with finalists being announced by April 15, 2022.

For competition information, please reference the guidelines and applications posted below. Contact Luci Ridolfo, CAE with any questions -

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2021 Paper Competition Finalists:

Deepali Darji, DPM; Duane Ehredt, Jr., DPM; Mark Razzante, DPM; Sydney Miggantz, BS
Endoscopic Calcaneoplasty with Gastrocnemius Recession: Is Immediate Weightbearing Safe and Effective?

Craig Verdin, DPM; Georgeanne Botek, DPM; Tammy Owings, DEng; Derek Kingsley, PhD; Allogen Laboratories
Evaluation of Human Leukocyte Antigen as a Candidate Pathogenic Biomarker for the Development of Charcot Neuropathy: A Single-Center Retrospective Study in a Matched Cohort of 120 Diabetic Patients

Michael Liette, DPM; Peter Crisologo, DPM; Suhail Masadeh, DPM; Alec Dierkesheide, DPM; Jordan Henning, DPM
A Prospective Analysis of the SVS Wlfl Classification System to Stratify Immediate and One-Year Patient Outcomes
Zachary Washburn, DPM; Alec Dierksheide, DPM; Michael McGowan, DPM; Michael Liette, DPM; Richard Laughlin, MD; Peter Crisologo, DPM
A Morphological Study of the Superior Peroneal Retinaculum, Peroneal Groove, And Associated Peroneal Tendon Pathology

John Thompson, DPM; Brian Houng, DPM; Eric So, DPM; Christopher Hyer, DPM; Gregory Berlet, MD
Hounsfield Unit Assessed Bone Density Amongst Non-Traumatic and Post Traumatic Arthritic Total Ankle Arthroplasty Patients

2021 Poster Competition Finalists:

Dominick Casciato, DPM
; Sara Yancovitz, DPM; Steven Anderson, DPM; Alex Bischoff, DPM;
Ian Barron, DPM
Increasing Incidence and Severity of Diabetic Foot Infections and Amputations During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dominick Casciato, DPM; Sara Yancovitz, DPM; Rona Law, DPM; John Thompson, DPM; Ian Barron, DPM; Christopher Hyer, DPM
Anatomic Description of the Fourth and Fifth Tarsometatarsal Articulation: A Cadaveric Study

Craig Verdin, DPM; Patrick McKee, DPM
Limb and Life-Threatening Synchronous Multifocal Necrotizing Fasciitis: The First Reported Case Describing Successful Limb Salvage Without Major Amputation or Loss of Life

Patricia Boehle, DPM; Dean Walters, DPM, Kenneth Kysor, DPM; Dominic Rizzo, DPM
Orthoplastic Approach to Diabetic Limb Salvage for Lateral Foot Compartment

Dominick Casciato, DPM; Ryan Stone, DPM; John Thompson, DPM; Marissa Venero, DPM; Michael Chiu, DPM; Jonathan Blum, DPM; Ian Barron, DPM; Christopher Hyer, DPM
Radiodensity Analysis of Medial Column Superconstruct Fixation Sites in Midfoot Charcot Neuroarthropathy